Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Writing: A Description of a Place - 1 Bachillerato

Hi, students!
Here you're going to post your writing exercise.
Remember you're going to write a description of a place.
Here you can find descriptions that two girls of your same age did when they were studying Bachillerato:

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  1. My holidays in Prague.
    Last April I went to Prague with my partnes in a trip. Prague is much bigger than my hometown and it's very beautiful and historical. The market in the center and the shops are very expensive so I spent a lot of money buying presents for my family. The churches and monuments were fantastic but I think that the best of Prague is the castle and the copy of Eiffel's tower. The clock tower is amazing!
    The weather in Prague is similar to the weather in Spain, it depends the season of the year. In the center there are many markets and you can buy food when you want. The food was fantastic includying the hot dogs and a tipical dessert.
    There were a lot of people from other countries. They were very friendly and we met a lot of them.
    The thing I liked least about of Prague was definitely the historical buildings but I loved the markets and the cafés. I want to go back one day. Noelia Martín Rebollo. 1ºE.