Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Obligation and Advice in the song “Should I Stay or Should I go?: Have (got) to / Should

With this activity you can learn the use of the modal verbs HAVE (GOT) TO and SHOULD:
  • We use SHOULD to express ADVICE.
  • We use HAVE TO to express OBLIGATION in written and oral communication. But we usually use HAVE GOT TO in oral communication, for example in song.
    So it's very common to find HAVE GOT TO in many different versions, as they appear above:
    • have got to = 've got to = got to = gotta
Can you find more examples of SHOULD and HAVE (GOT) TO in the song's lyrics?
Remember that have got to can appear in different versions.

Here is the official video by band who sings it: The Clash.

These are the answers for the activity.

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