Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Adjectives and adverbs.

Hi, there.
Today you're going to learn about adjectives and adverbs.
From nouns to adjectives 
You can make adjectives by adding endings to some nouns.
Watch the video and answer the questions above.

  1. Can you make adjectives from nouns only? Are there other type of words you can make adjectives from?
  2. Make a list with examples of different adjective endings.
From nouns to adjectives:

From adjectives to adverbs:
You can also make adverbs by adding endings to some adjectives. Watch the video and answer the questions.

  1. What is the difference between adjectives and adverbs?
  2. How can you make adverbs from adjectives?
  3. Copy examples and make a diagram of the different spellings for -ly ending.

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