Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Word Order in questions - Present Simple (1 ESO)

Hi, everybody.
There are two type of questions:
  • Yes / No questions (Y/N) > your answer is yes or no.
  • Wh- questions (WH-q) > your answer is an affirmative or negative sentence.
In the first video you can learn how to make questions in the present simple affirmative:

  1. Ve el vídeo y haz un esquema parecido al que sale en él. Utiliza estas frases para poner sus partes en el esquema, tal y como te enseño en el vídeo.
  • Do you play tennis in summer?
  • Do you do your homework everyday?
  • Where does she meet her friends on Sundays?
  • When do they go cycling?
  • Does your teacher play videos on youtube?
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